UDL Guidelines

CAST developed the UDL guidelines as a way to support teachers as they seek to implement the principles of UDL.  Just like UDL, the guidelines are flexible; teachers are encouraged to mix and match to maximize learning experiences for all students.  To learn additional background about the guidelines, click here to read an introduction or watch a video.

Let’s take a look at the guidelines.  Download an e-version by clicking here.

The 3 UDL principles are listed across the top.  Three guidelines are listed under each principle.  Finally, a series of checkpoints are enumerated within each principle.

columns of UDL guidelines

Although this list is in a linear format, the guidelines are intended to be fluid.  In fact, although the principles are numbers one through three, many scholars and educators will argue that without attention to affect, the strategic and recognition networks need not be engaged.

The best website to visit to learn more about the guidelines is The National Center on Universal Design for Learning. On February 1, 2011, Version 2.0 of the Guidelines made its debut!  The center posted some fantastic videos that explain the changes between the first and second versions of the guidelines.  To keep current with future updates, consider signing up to receive the UDL FOCUS, a free e-newsletter from the National UDL Center.

Multiple Options for  Representing the UDL Guidelines:

Text version of the guidelines with rationale and research: UDL_Guidelines_Version_2.0

UDL Educator Checklist:  Guidelines_2.0_Educator_Checklist

Horizontal guidelines graphic organizer:  Guidelines_JAN2011

MSDE Circle Represenation of the Guidelines, version 1.o: HCPSS_PrincRing

Interactive UDL Guidelines Wheel:  Interactive Guidelines Link

UDL Mobile App- look for it in the App Store and the Andriod Marketplace

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