Sample Barriers to Learning Assignments (Part 1)

In this assignment, you will choose a lesson from the unit you mapped. You will identify the barriers and make a plan for how to incorporate technology into your new re-designed lesson. Use the previous activities (Integrated Matrix, Curriculum Map) to inform your decisions.

Download the assignment: Barriers to Lesson Planning Part 1 or Planning Using UDL (doc).

You should include:

  1. Your lesson topic
  2. Reasons for selecting the lessons for revision
  3. Barriers in the goals, methods and materials
  4. Your draft plan for revisions
  5. A copy of the original lesson plan

to begin work on Part 1 of your individual lesson redesign.

  • What are the barriers to learning in the lesson you chose?
  • Why did you choose this lesson to revise?
  • Using your selected lesson and what you could do to enhance it through the use of technology.
  • Using the UDL_Checklist, and the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines, identify the current barriers to learning for Principle I, II and III and begin planning which resources you will use to enhance and improve the lesson to reach more learners.
  • Complete the chart and include a copy of your original lesson with the plan you have to change it. How will you revise the goals/objectives to ensure they measure the unit questions?
Lesson Plan Barrier  UDL Principle What could be done to improve/change instruction? (e.g. differentiation strategies) Which technology resources could be used to enhance this lesson? How do these resources support UDL

To view a few examples from content areas below, simply select the content area you want and view the samples.

Firstgrade_science_part1 (capacity)






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