Barriers to Learning Case Study: Elementary Mathematics

Barriers in Lesson Planning

In this activity, you will review an elementary math lesson, identify the barriers to learning and identify changes to the lesson to improve it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will experiment with numbers to find all possible ways to add three different digits to obtain a given sum (6)
  • Students will explore the ways three digits can be placed together to form different three-digit numbers

Part 1: Go to: and read through the lesson.

Download the Planning Tool you will complete as you review the lesson. You and your group members will determine the barriers in goals, methods, and materials.

Part 2: After you have reviewed this lesson, brainstorm with a colleague and discuss what you could do to enhance it through the use of technology.  Using the UDL Checklist, and the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines, work with your partner to complete the table. Include your own notes on each of the guidelines as you choose a barrier and way to make the lesson more accessible.

Presentation IconLink here to the interactive UDL Wheel to learn more and connect with CAST.

You can also access these resources via mobile application:

iTunes App Store (

Google Android Market Place (


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