The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast ClubSynopsis
The Breakfast Club takes place at an Illinois high school, where five dissimilar students are sentenced to spend a Saturday detention session together. In attendance is a “princess” (Ringwald), an “athlete” (Estevez), a “brain” (Hall), a “criminal” (Nelson), and a “basket case” (Sheedy). These titles identify the roles the students play during the school week. . Through self-disclosure they learn that they are more similar than different. Each wrestles with self-acceptance; each longs for parental approval; each fights against peer pressure.

They break through the role barriers and gain greater understanding and acceptance of each other and of themselves. They ultimately develop a group identity and dub themselves, “The Breakfast Club.”

Watch the trailer below for a quick review of the movie

How would we like to see the synopsis with today’s student (2012)?


Now, re-write the synopsis. Make sure you provide a title and summary of movie plot.

You can choose to use one of these tools to share your synopsis:

1. Quicktime Recording (Audio or Video)

2. ComicLife

3. StoryBoard Sheet


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