Lesson Redesign

Now that you have completed Part 1: Lesson Redesign and Barriers to Learning for your lesson in the unit, you will take the original lesson and retrofit or completely re-write it to show your understanding of the principles of UDL.

Your final lesson plan should incorporate some of the many tools we have accessed through these professional development days such as the MSDE online UDL course, online resources, Web 2.0 tools, etc. You should specifically address how you will provide multiple means of representation, action and expression, and engagement in your lesson using the resources we have shared with you.

Link IconRemenber to use the Integrated Matrix you developed and  the UDL Guidelines – Educator Checklist or this Checklist for your ideas to refer to the specific principle(s) and checkpoints incorporated in your assessments.

Here is how your assignment should be organized:

  1. The first section should include:
    1. The original lesson plan
    2. A detailed description of why you selected this lesson and the barriers in goals, methods and materials in the original lesson
  1. The second section should include:

Write a brief introduction to your new lesson answering these questions:

  • How do your students best learn the material (Planning for Representation)?
  • What are the modalities that would best support their learning (Engagement)?
  • What do students like/dislike about the subject (Engagement)?
  • Which instructional strategies help them learn (Representation; Engagement)?
  • How can you plan for students to show you what they know? (Action and Expression)
  • What products/performances do students prefer to show you what they know (Action and Expression)?

The revised lesson with annotations. This includes: clear goals, flexible methods/materials, means of expression, and a sound assessment.

  • For example, if you use Book Builder to create a tiered reading to provide multiple means of representation, be prepared to show your book. If you create a project menu to offer students multiple means of action and expression, be prepared to share the menu. If you engage students with a form of multimedia from the HSA UDL online course, be prepared to link to that item.

 Annotated descriptions that describe the specific UDL principles and checkpoints incorporated in your lesson plan and your rationale.

  • For example, if my revised lesson assessment includes a project planning template, one of my annotations might say: “This meets UDL Principle II, Checkpoint 6.2 because I am providing a way for students to break down this larger assessment into manageable parts. I will be checking with each student at various points using the project planning template in order to make sure everyone has thought through the necessary steps to accomplish their specific project and knows what to do next. Students will have the opportunity to use the planning template to prioritize the steps they need to take in order to produce an excellent project that meets the learning goals.
  1. The final section should include:
    1. A one-page reflection addressing the following questions:
  • What technological resources did you use in your lesson planning?
  • How did students respond (positively and/or negatively) to the resources you used?
  • How did the technology tools that you chose to include support your teaching and your students’ learning?
  • Did you run into any unexpected rewards/challenges working with the technology that you chose?
  • Were there any improvements on assessments that can be attributed to the changes you implemented?
  • How do you plan to incorporate the principles of UDL in your instruction in the future?

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