The Three Brain Networks

Brain research is developing information to help us understand how we learn. This helps educators understand students better and develop appropriate experiences to maximize learning. The three brain networks that are connected and work together that are essential to learning are the recognition, strategic, and affective networks.

All brains share these characteristics but individual brains differ significantly. This has important implications for teaching.

To learn more about the three brain networks, watch the video below.

Now that you have explored the basic foundations of UDL and the three UDL principles, it is time to take an in-depth look at the corresponding neural networks. In the next activity, you will have the choice to read or listen to learn more about the affective, recognition and strategic networks of the brain.

Let’s study each of the networks. In the following activity, you can choose to download and type your responses in the corresponding handout or use the link and contribute to the online Google Doc.

Download BrainNetworks_handout and use it to take notes as you learn about each of the brain networks.


Go to this Google Doc: BrainNetworks

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