Designing instruction with UDL

Planning with UDL in mind allows teachers to remove potential barriers in the goals, materials, methods, and assessments that are part of a unit of study and individual lessons.

Designing instruction that includes multiple means of representation, multiple means of action and expression of learning, and multiple means of engagement reduces these barriers to learning. In this activity, you will investigate barriers to learning and ways to reduce these barriers in the curriculum.

Link Icon Let’s examine the UDL Center’s website. Select the link to read an overview of how UDL provides all students equal opportunities to learn.

As you read, think about the connections between each of the three brain networks, the principles of UDL, and the components of a UDL curriculum.

Classroom Activity/Hybrid Icon Discussion

Prepare responses to the following questions:

  1. How do flexible approaches provide equal opportunities to learn?
  2. How do flexible approaches reduce barriers to learning?

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