Secondary English and Library Media CoPlanning

In this activity, you will watch a planning discussion with a high school English teacher and her

media specialist.

The teacher is looking for resources and ideas for enhancing lesson and final product on Robert

Browning’s poem Porphyria’s Lover for her students.

Download these documents as you watch the collaborative planning discussion.

Other resources for accessing the poem:

After watching the discussion between the English teacher (Lee Ann) and the media specialist (Molly), look through the ideas and resources that were shared.

Ideas and resources:

– provide checklist for LMS/TT
– provide alternatives for text (audio)
– provide document camera for annotating
– find electronic version of text
– use diigo to capture primary resources
– use diigo for annotations
– capture students reading and thought process
-sharing and collaboration via Voicethread and Edmodo

Resources for explication of Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s Lover” (Diigo):

Browning_ Porphyria’s Lover (mp3)

Robert Browning, ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ 1 (mp3)

 Porphyria’s Lover

Literary criticism of Porphyria’s Lover:

Online comic version of poem:


Once the teacher and media specialist have planned together, what resources would you suggest that could be used in the lesson or as a final product for students?

  • “Edmodo will allow students to share their interpretation of this poem.  A classroom will have time constraints, but Edmodo will allow students to contribute after school hours for homework.  Students will have a chance to think about their response.”- Tech Teacher
  • “The students could also create a Facebook-type profile for Porphyria.”- Media Specialist
  • “Wikis are also a great resource.  We have used it with all levels of students at our middle school.  I have one teacher using it to have students write stories under a pen name and then the students will read each other and comment.”- Tech Teacher

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