Exploring Technology Tools

In this activity, we would like you to explore some of the resources that are available to you online. The majority of these sites encourage collaboration and communication (synchronous and asynchronous).

  1. Link Icon Explore this website: http://coolwebtools.hcpss.wikispaces.net.
  2. Select 2-3 tools that you would like to use in your classroom or have students use as part of the products they develop for your unit.

Prepare an answer to these questions:

  • How can teachers redesign lessons incorporating strategies from differentiation and reaching all learners using UDL?
  • What technology resources have you found that you would like to share with the group? What challenges are you having in your lesson revision?

NOTE: Before using these links in the classroom, please consider the Web 2.0 Guidelines & Suggestions when working with students and these or any web tools.

Best Practices/Considerations for using digital content

When planning on using digital content during instruction consider the best practices below:

  • Have another HCPSS teacher/administrator review the digital content
  • Provide multi-group assignments
  • Determine which lab to use (mobile vs. stationary) based on the needs of the assignment
  • Stationary computer are usually faster for accessing web-based content


  • Download Discovery Streaming videos prior to instruction
    • Copyright Note: videos can be saved as long as HCPSS maintains a subscription to the service
  • Pre-load digital content to be used in class (to reduce buffering) if possible
  • Use short video clips instead of full length
  • Provide closed captioning for students when available

Technical / Network:

  • Consider impact of digital content on bandwidth
  • Internet speed varies throughout the day
  • Stagger student logins if using Discovery Streaming
  • Limit the number of students accessing digital content simultaneously

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